Q: Is BossTs3.com completely free to use?

A: Yes, it is ! You dont need to pay for your ts3 server.

Q: What is the uptime for the TeamSpeak 3 Servers?

A: We can offer 99,98% uptime, it is possible on our cloud powered platform. However if you’re not VIP there is NO SLA guarantee. We will do our best to keep this project stable.

Q: Why can i not change the banners of my Teamspeak 3 Server?

A: Unfortunately it is not possible. To make our project more popular we need to advertise our project on your server.

Q: Can i change the server name after server creation?

A: Of course, your admin token will let you manage your server however you want. Change your server settings anytime and feel free.

Q: Is the Ts3 server permanent?

A: Yes, you have to be online once a week. Otherwise your server will be deleted at sunday in the week you were inactive.

Q: Why is my Server Deleted?

A:We have an automated script witch is removing all servers with the past 7 days nobody connected.